31 mai 2013

What the Diamond Surfer had to say about is upcoming M.I.C Music Awards project

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M.I.C Music Awards Front

Let’s hear Lee explain in his own words what is the M.I.C Music Awards all about : M.I.C Music Awards is about WINNING. It’s one thing to be able to do good music but this project is about bringing creativity to a whole nother lever. I’m  trying to touch the people with the realness of my rhymes but at the same time introduced them to that Montreal sound.
there will definitely have a lot of Montreal productions on this project but I will also have the legendary producer Ski Beatz
on this one (Who produced Dead Presidents by Jay Z and also produced for artists like Mos Def, Lil Kim and many more). It’s a blessing to work with a producer who actually produced for a lot of my favorite artists in the music industry. It’s going to be a SICK project.

M.I.C Music Awards will drop on the 15th of june 2014

Listen To Testify: Click Here
Listen To Get It: Click Here

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